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Members - Emergent Alliance

Recover, Together, Stronger.

The Emergent Alliance was a community for businesses and people to come together in a trusted environment. We shared our knowledge, data and skills, to help us all recover better and be stronger for the future.

Together, we have the power to solve some of the biggest challenges facing us in a post Covid-19 world.

Our network of members is listed below.

Become a Member

Emergent Alliance Founding Members

Whitespace Logo


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Rolls Royce logo

Rolls Royce

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Google Cloud logo

Google Cloud

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Microsoft logo


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The Data City logo

The Data City

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ODI Leeds logo

ODI Leeds

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R2 Data Labs logo

R2 Data Labs

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Truata logo


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Satavia logo


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LIDA logo

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

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Emergent Alliance Members

Vertical Knowledge logo

Vertical Knowledge

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Roland Berger logo

Roland Berger

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Locomizer logo


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ByzGen logo


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Velocity logo

Velocity AI

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Elder Research logo

Elder Research

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Deeper Insights logo

Deeper Insights

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Jobs for Her logo

Jobs for Her

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Open Train Times logo

Open Train Times

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This Is Insight logo

This is Insight

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Pyramid Analytics logo

Pyramid Analytics

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Responsible Machines logo

Responsible Machines

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Crowd Dynamics logo

Crowd Dynamics

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Safe Graph logo

Safe Graph

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Coventry University logo

Coventry University

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Smartia logo


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Echosec Systems logo

Echosec Systems

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Relation Management Team logo

QRelation Management Team

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Mott MacDonald logo

Mott MacDonald

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My Mask Fit logo

My Mask Fit

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DataSparQ logo


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Dun & Bradstreet logo

Dun & Bradstreet

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DXC Technology logo

DXC Technology

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Jargon PR logo

Jargon PR

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Mission Drive logo

Mission Drive

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Paxtrans logo


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QRelation Engineering logo

Relation Engineering Team

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Greater London Authority logo

Greater London Authority

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The Covid 19 Localisation Modelling Group logo

The Covid 19 Localisation Modelling Group

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RASIC logo

The Rail & Station Innovation Company

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Helping reshape the future

What we asked of contributing Emergent Alliance members:

  • Publish challenge statements to the participant community
  • Make datasets and /or tools available either in the public domain or to a secure environment for invited participants
  • Lend time and expertise to address published challenges
  • Membership is voluntary. All assets, activities and outcomes are deemed pro bono and to be used for the common good without financial commitment or recovery. We hold to the highest standard for ethical data use

    Areas of Interest

    Which skills would you live to develop?