Emergent Alliance ends active operations, leaving a legacy for open data collaboration to solve the big questions in the world

Emergent Alliance ends active operations, leaving a legacy for open data collaboration to solve the big questions in the world main image
  • Emergent Alliance supported economic decision-making to enable global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Brought together 350+ volunteers and 54 member businesses
  • Data science community praised for its role in helping global economic recovery through open data collaboration
  • Report charting key learnings, insights and access to tools has been created as part of legacy

The Emergent Alliance will end its active operations after more than 18 months, it was announced today.

A not-for-profit community formed in April 2020 – at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic – its primary objective was to better inform the future economic decision-making of corporations, small businesses and nation states.

Following 20 months of operations, with the collaboration of more than 335 data volunteers and 54 member businesses, the Emergent Alliance has announced its mandate for supporting economic recovery from COVID-19 has been retired as global economies continue to recover.

The Emergent Alliance brought together some of the most well-known names in business to volunteer time, data, and technology/ It provided decision-makers with access to data and freemium tools to enable them to make informed decisions to support economic recovery.

Founding members include Rolls-Royce, Whitespace, Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, IBM, Google Cloud, The Data City, Truata, IOTICS, Microsoft and Open Innovations. That base grew to be a thriving community, drawing on expertise to deliver a number of challenge projects, as well as curating a global catalogue of open and private datasets.

The Emergent Alliance can reflect on an impressive set of milestones and outcomes in a wide range of sectors. These included supply chain, government, transport, policy makers, health, aviation, travel and tourism, business and the general public.

Six freemium products were created, launched and made available to organisations across the globe. These included the Emergent Economic Engine (E3), a tool that modelled the impact of a shock to different sectors of the economy using, a COVID-19 Chatbot for travel, a data-labelling and selection ‘Cookie-Cutter’, a travel restrictions dashboard, and job board finder to help match skills to new job roles.

As part of its close-down activity, the founders commissioned the Emergent Alliance Report to capture the legacy of the Alliance and provide a repository of information and artefacts for others who might look to work in similar ways to collaborate and share data for good.

Emergent Alliance founder member and former chair Caroline Gorski, Global Director at R2 Data Labs, Rolls-Royce said:

“The global pandemic galvanised the data community to openly share data, technology, skills and insights. The Emergent Alliance created the space for data scientists to use their capabilities to make a real difference in the face of a global crisis, and crucially brought together disparate organisations to collaborate for a common good.

We wanted the global economy to get better as soon as possible so people could get back to work and the Emergent Alliance’s data innovation community helped do this, providing decision-makers with access to data and freemium tools that enabled them to make informed decisions.

While the world continues its recovery from COVID-19, the Emergent Alliance leaves more than tools related to the pandemic, it provides a legacy and a series of artefacts for future communities to come together to create models and unique insights remain.

I am immensely proud of all that we achieved as a group and hope our insights and key learnings will provide useful for future consortiums wishing to share data.”

About the Emergent Alliance
The Emergent Alliance was created as a not-for-profit community to better inform the future economic decision making of corporations, small businesses and nation states. Drawing on a diverse collaboration of corporates, individuals, NGOs and Governments, the Alliance contributed expertise, data, and resources to inform decision making on regional and global economic challenges to aid societal recovery post-Covid-19.

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