Our vision is to harness the power of collaborative data innovation to help the world shape a new normal - and recover, together, stronger.

Our Mission

The Emergent Alliance is a not-for-profit community which exists to better inform the future economic decision making of corporations, small businesses and nation states. Drawing on a diverse collaboration of corporates, individuals, NGOs and Governments, the Alliance contributes expertise, data, and resources to inform decision making on regional and global economic challenges to aid societal recovery post Covid-19.

Recover, Together, Stronger

The Emergent Alliance has created a safe environment in which we share data, expertise and resources to work together to aid economic recovery and shape a new normal. We have the ability to take a broad set of economic, behavioural and sentiment data, fuse it together and provide new insights and practical applications to the global Covid-19 response. These models identify lead indicators signalling economic recovery cycles that global businesses, government and organisations can use to build operating confidence in investment and activities that shorten or limit recessionary impacts.

Our Values

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An open community which brings together a wide range of organisations, the general public and government.

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Integrity & Trust

All activity is led and actioned with full transparency, in line with best practice.

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To action and deliver on the Emergent Alliance mission and vision.

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Our alliance is a diverse collaboration of over 50 corporates, individuals, NGOs and governments.

We are united by a common purpose to apply our data analytics capability and positively contribute to post-Covid recovery.

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