Live international COVID travel advice

How can you get where you need to go? The Covid-19 Chatbot gives you advice for international and domestic travel within the UK, based on health and travel restriction measures.

The Covid-19 Chatbot also provides information about

  • The lockdown status of other countries
  • General information regarding the Covid-19 cases
  • Country-specific travel restrictions across the globe

How we built the COVID-19 travel advice Chatbot

A tremendous amount of work has been carried out by the Regional Risk Pulse Index team in tracking and quantifying the social and economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 Chatbot is an alternative medium that enables you to easily access the data and analysis produced by the team via a simple conversational interface. Ask the Chatbot your Covid-19 and travel-related questions, and the Chatbot will respond with the insights and analysis developed by our team.

For more information on the Chatbot, see this blog.

About the Authors

We are a team of data scientists from IBM’s Data Science & AI Elite Team, IBM’s Cloud Pak Acceleration Team, and Rolls-Royce’s R2 Data Labs working on Regional Risk-Pulse Index: forecasting and simulation within Emergent Alliance. Have a look at our challenge statement!

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