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Cookie-Cutter - Emergent Alliance


Analyse and label COVID-19 data

Cookie-Cutter is a labelling and data selection tool to help organise and manage Covid-19 infection datasets and analyses.

Get a deep understanding of COVID-19 data with Cookie-Cutter’s browser-based analytics tools.

Create labelled datasets for future analysis.

How Cookie-Cutter works

Cookie-Cutter and its associated jupyter notebook infrastructure can be configured to tap into a variety of Covid-19 case data sources, and visualise it together with the exciting Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) dataset.

This makes it easier to understand and correlate the health situation and government responses aiming at managing the health situation. The tool also features clustering of government measures and a novel way of fitting Gumbel distributions to the health datasets.

In addition, as one of the goals of the Regional Risk Pulse Index was to study the impact of Covid-19 onto the economy, a tab provides the ability to model shocks to the economy, which is used by the Emergent Economic Engine E³.

For further information, please see the Cookie-Cutter introduction videos and details on the UI elements. The code is available on GitHub.

About the Authors

We are a team of data scientists from IBM’s Data Science & AI Elite Team, IBM’s Cloud Pak Acceleration Team, and Rolls-Royce’s R2 Data Labs working on Regional Risk-Pulse Index: forecasting and simulation within Emergent Alliance. Have a look at our challenge statement!

Let us know what you think. Fill in the form with your feedback below.