The impact and importance of testing data – a known unknown


Exploratory analysis of lock-down measures


A quick glimpse of the Apple mobility dataset

We partnered IBM, Rolls Royce, Meltwater, and others in support of @Emerg_Alliance's mission to help track the effects of COVID-19. #OSINTforgood #OSINTtools

BLOG: Read about the #DataScience behind the Travel Restrictions Dashboard here 👉

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The IBM #COVID-19 travel restriction dashboard uses natural language processing (#NLP) to automate data collection from official government sources to extract and visualize country-specific travel restrictions.

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📣Analyse and label Covid-19 data with Cookie-Cutter

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The E3 app, combined with @Emerg_Alliance expert support, places a set of sophisticated technologies comfortably in your hands – bringing new insights to your work, building trust in your decision making.

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Read how @IBM, @RollsRoyce @Emerg_Alliance are helping local authorities track attitudes and behaviours people have towards COVID-19.


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